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chico's tequila bar in dim lighting

Welcome to our
Tequila Bar

Great food. Great drinks. Great time.

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We ♡ Tequila!

At Chico's Mexican Grill, we are passionate about tequila and take pride in our extensive knowledge of this beloved spirit. With a dedicated focus on providing an exceptional tequila experience, our team has curated a wide variety of tequilas and other liquors to suit every taste.


From smooth and subtle blanco tequilas to rich and complex añejos, we offer a diverse selection that caters to both connoisseurs and those new to the world of tequila. Our commitment to quality extends beyond tequila, as we also feature an impressive array of other liquors to satisfy any palate.


Join us at Chico's Mexican Grill, where our expertise and diverse offerings ensure a memorable and delightful drinking experience. Cheers to the perfect blend of knowledge and variety!